Well, since you asked…..

Artigiana is the Italian word for artisan and this word embodies our philosophical approach. An artisan creates functional art. We strive for our projects to be that.

You have a functional chair. It works. You can sit in it.

But if it is something more, if it is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable AND you can sit in it……. Nice!

That’s the Artigiana approach.

That’s what we create for our clients. Graphic design, photography and word crafting that is functional art.

 orange chair sketch  L.E. Paulson



L.E. Paulson graphic designer content and technical writer


Founder & Creative Director

I started out as a fine artist and then fell in love as well with graphic design and content and technical writing.  I’m also a history buff and a word nerd. Making connections with art history, design theory and the passage of time is part of my creative process.

Taking a positive leadership position. Setting the example. Got my fuzzy slippers.


Web Developer

I am Artigiana’s resident computer geek.  My software development degree has opened doors to various technology fields, from web development to technical programming and technical engineering.  When I’m not working with 1s and 0s, I enjoy trying my hand at the culinary arts or relaxing with a good book.

One up-womanship. Fuzzy slippers AND a fuzzy rug.


Illustrator and Graphic Designer

I started out as an illustrator and painter. Then I was able to work with graphics and web animations and fell in love. As a science and art enthusiast, I am fascinated with understanding the possibilities of design software and the mechanics of computers. Figuring out how to use them create products that are aesthetically gorgeous is so fun! 

Happily, Arye gets to stay on the team. Finally in compliance…

white fuzzy slippers on moss with pine cones


Writer, Editor and Photographer

Writing has always been a natural form of expression for me.  For years, I indulged my love for words by working in libraries and scribbling endlessly in journals.  Receiving an education in business writing has provided an edge to my creative writing background.  Capturing experience through photography and intent through the written word is my approach to an engaging connection.

She’s got her fuzzy slippers. Those are sassy.

*Artigiana Communication Design expects compliance with strict dress codes. Resistance is futile. All team members are required to wear fuzzy slippers while at work.