The Process

Designing your logo entails understanding the core focus of your business. In addition, there is research into your industry and your competitors. Identifying your target audience. Color decisions. Typography choices. Style perception. Logo placement.

All this plays a part in the branding of your business.

It’s a fascinating process.

Here is an example of how a design project is approached.

Da Vinci Business Solutions wanted logo that represented their concept of a business that was multifaceted. Like the talents of Leonardo da Vinci. Art, math, science.

This design process included:

  • research on Leonardo
  • color psychology
  • font history research

Font history research was important in this project because a font that was reminiscent Leonardo’s era played a part in the feel of the design.  The typography designs of Francesco Griffo, a contemporary of Leonardo’s, are the great-great (well, perhaps a few more greats) -grandparents of the Granjon font that was chosen. It has a lovely mixture of history and clean modernism.   

What’s on your mind for your logo?

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